Friday, December 4, 2015

Color & Style Consultations

I am certified in  Color Me A Season.  I am offering virtual online color analysis with the CMAS system (for further info. see below).  You will need to provide me with quality photos of yourself, which I can use in virtual draping.


I am a certified Color Me a Season consultant. 

Color Me A Season Draping Prices: In Person $165, Group $140 each, 

CMAS Seasonal Color Virtual Draping Report $75 (does not include fan) - order by emailing me.  For more information and how to submit your pictures and quizzes, please go to my Forum blog "Hire Me" page.

Fans are not included.  You order fans from me or buy fans here:


Style Consults also available.

Style Consult

Sample CMAS Report over 75 pages


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