Tuesday, August 26, 2014

History of the Quizzes

This collection of quizzes support my main blog (Expressing Your Truth and my EYT Forum).  Here is the history of some of these quizzes and how you may find them useful.

Download EYT TYPE & STYLE Quiz
These are compilation quizzes that I developed, with multiple pages.  You can download it as an excel spreadsheet, open office spreadsheet, or print as a .pdf and complete by hand.

Northrup/McJimsey Essence Quiz
  • Belle Northrup created these Essence (or style) categories.  They are also very similar to criteria used by Harriet McJimsey.  These are from McJimsey's 1973 book and also used by Personal Style Counselors and were mentioned in the 2013 "Shopping for the Real You," and 1981 "Your New Image."  This quiz has 20 questions.
  • Dramatic Natural Lively Classic Romantic /Youthful

  • Style Guides
  • The Style Guides use the Northrup/McJimsey categories, but information from Kibbe, thus shrinking his categories.   David Kibbe's Metamorphosis.  Kibbe Quiz

Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection
Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection
by Harriet Tilden McJimsey

used for $685 wow, 1973, This book was published decades before Carol Tuttle's books ,extremely similar, WORDS,PHRASES,& SENTE...
Costume Selection 

1959, McJimsey and Tilden

Shopping for the Real You: Ten Essential Steps to a Better Wardrobe for Every Woman - Fashionistas, Fashion-phobes and the Over Fifty
Shopping for the Real You: Ten Essential St...
by Andrea Pflaumer, 2013  

Your new image: Through color & line 
by Gerrie Pinckney 

Kentner CMAS Essence Quiz
Bernice Kentner created these style categories, they probably come from Northrup.  It is much shorter than the Northrup Quiz above, as it only has 7 questions.  
Results will give you percentages of:
Dramatic / Athletic /Classic / Romantic / Gamine / Ingenue / 

A Rainbow in Your Eyes
A Rainbow in Your Eyes

  • Color Me A Season

    CMAS Registration
    Complete this registration, only if you are going to be draped (virtually or in person).  Consultations
    Hire Me


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