McJimsey et al Essence Quiz

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As of 4/22/15, if you purchase a Style Consult, I will send you the link to the McJimsey online quiz. The report explains how you scored yourself at another level, ending with comments on whether I see any of your features differently. (I don not redo the quiz for you, but check to see if I disagree).  The style suggestions in the Style Guides come from your scoring your physical and personality features.  This results in suggestions related to your Outer Line and Inner Line.  The Outer Line is your design lines, such as silhouettes to wear, and these come from your physical body type.  The Inner Line is your prints and patterns, at the detail level, etc., and these come from your facial features, etc.  In other words, you wear the cuts of clothing that work best for your shape, but you then decide the color, patterns, accessories that mirror your physical features, such as nose and eye shape, etc., what we call geometry. 

By breaking down your style quiz responses into categories, you can see that you should wear most of your dominant style suggestions, but you might switch over to a secondary in certain categories.  I will highlight these in color.

Color by Style  

Outer and Inner Design Lines

This test is scored by Jane.  Be sure to enter your email correctly to get a response.  I also do the mailing of results by hand, so please limit the number of times you do this quiz.  This test is scored by Jane.  Be sure to enter your email correctly to get a response.  I also do the mailing of results by hand, so please limit the number of times you do this quiz.  This test is scored by Jane.  Be sure to enter your email correctly to get a response.  I also do the mailing of results by hand, so please limit the number of times you do this quiz.  This test is scored by Jane.  Be sure to enter your email correctly to get a response.  I also do the mailing of results by hand, so please limit the number of times you do this quiz. 

Harriet McJimsey created these Essence (or style) categories, based in part on yin/yang ideas from Belle Northrup.  .  These are from McJimsey's book and also used by Personal Style Counselors and were mentioned in Pflaumer's "Shopping for the Real You,", similar to what is found in Welch's Know Who You Are, and Pinckney's "Your New Image."  The style categories roughly correlate to some of the more complicated system by Kibbe.EYT Closet pages on styles:Dramatic Natural / Gamine Classic Romantic /IngenueResults will give you percentages of the following categories (click for pinterest boards):Dramatic / Natural / Lively / Classic / Romantic /Youthful / Angelic Lively is Gamine, Youthful is Ingenue
Important Blog post on age and height: Personal    Style    Development

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NOTE: Ingenue is a CMAS Kenter and McJimsey/Northrup category, most like Kibbe Soft Gamine, but not really that close.  Read:

  • The Style Guides use the Northrup categories, but information from Kibbe  (except for Angelic which he does not cover), thus shrinking his categories.  
  • David Kibbe's Metamorphosis.  Kibbe Quiz

Note: Angelic is a McJimsey category, but not a Kentner category

Plus Size Body Types


Rectangle Body Shape | Hourglass Body Shape | Strawberry Body Shape

See more detail:
*not possible
Natural Dramatic
Natural Classic
Natural Romantic
Natural Ingenue
Natural Gamine
Natural Angelic
Classic Dramatic
Classic Natural
Classic Romantic
Classic Ingenue
Classic Gamine
Classic Angelic
Romantic Dramatic
Romantic Natural
Romantic Classic
Romantic Ingenue
Romantic Gamine
Romantic Angelic
Ingenue Dramatic*
*not possible
Ingenue Natural
Ingenue Classic
Ingenue Romantic
Ingenue Gamine
Ingenue Angelic
Gamine Dramatic
Gamine Natural
Gamine Classic
Gamine Romantic
Gamine Ingenue
Gamine Angelic
Angelic Dramatic Angelic is also called Ethereal

(If you are Asian, please see special note). 
(If you are Plus Size, see these posts on body types).

All quizzes are hand scored.  Apologies for delays.  

Special note for Asian women:

Keep in mind that each of these quizzes is just a piece of the puzzle. It is also subjective. And some of these quizzes are dated.


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  2. Ah, now it whole post was deleted before...:(
    I finished the test on your site and counted the answers for myself. I scored 35% dramatic, 35% exuberant/lively, 20% natural, rest negligible. Does that make me a dramatic gamine? Is there a category like that? I always thought gamines are short dramatics, but I'm 5 ft 11"! However, I always felt the 'true dramatic' style is a bit too harsh, 'old' and severe for me (except for evening wear). I also look completely silly in dramatic blunt bob hairstyles. Natural style is overpowering, the lion's mane thing looks like Charlie's Angels gone wrong, Flamboyant natural like jingling hippie going Pocahontas.:D I like the modern 'French chic' with skinny Jeans and slim men's blazers, but with funky, punky details like suspenders, cool hats and heavy boots. Also, I much prefer short, straight 60s style mini skirts instead of long ones, flared looks blah. And biker jackets plus all things leather. So: Is there such thing as a Dramatic-Gamine combo? How would you call it?

    1. Yes, there is a Dramatic Gamine. Here is one person's pinterest for this combo:

      Dramatic Secondaries:
      This info. is also included in the style guides.

  3. Ah thank you, I just discovered it...I always thought you could be either Dramatic OR Gamine, but apparently, I'm a combination...:D Maybe this is a less formal, more fun and youthful version of Dramatic! :) I think I will order the style guide. Thank you!!!

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