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Tests to Determine Your Season

                   (This gives you your dominant season of 4 by percentages)
                   (Are you Light or Dark?, then Soft or Clear? then Cool or Warm?)
                   (Are you Light or Dark?, then Cool or Warm? then Soft or Clear?)

Temperament Quizzes
Sanguine=T1, Phlegmatic=T2, Choleric=T3, Melancholic=T4

Post on Temperament Blends

MBTI (Keirsey) Personality Tests
DISC Personality Tests

 #type1/spring/sanguine = I (inspirational); 
#type2/summer/phlegmatic = S (sensitive); 
#type3/autumn/choleric = D (determined); 
#type4/winter/melancholic = C (contemplative)

1/3 Warm Spring
warm spring 

1/2 Light Spring 
light spring 

1/4 Clear Spring
clear spring 

2/4 Cool Summer
cool summer 

2/1 Light Summer
light summer 

2/3 Soft Summer 
soft summer 

3/4 Deep Autumn
deep autumn

3/2 Soft Autumn 
soft autumn 

4/2 Cool Winter
cool winter

4/3 Deep Winter
deep winter

4/1 Clear Winter
clear winter

Secondary Energies

Angela Wright Colour Personality Types
morninglight=spring, dreamlight=summer, firelight=autumn, starlight=winter

Kibbe Types

 David Kibbe's Metamorphosis
Kibbe Quiz

Fashion Feng Shui Quizzes


A big factor in Color Analysis (not DYT or IE) is your eye color:  read about Eye Types.

You can also determine your specific type by using lipstick to do a lip drape.

Am I Warm or Cool? A Guide to Determining Your Skintone

Check out Riter's Science of Personal Dress Color Tester


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